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Left alone in the void

September 16, 2023
Kita - Tyhjiö

The painful, slow and unhurried guitar solo of the introduction prepares the twilight musical atmosphere of the further sound of the Kivi puhuu composition, which begins the musical wanderings of this release on the chosen path, enveloping the vocal part, combining several stylistic voices with viscous musical covers and unclear echoes of further mystery, long, carefully and intriguingly unfolding the unhurried and the long-lasting musical canvas of this musical artwork, intriguing with the further development of artistic variations of this musical essence.
The guitar solo of the opening of the title track of the Kita - Tyhjiö album combines echoes and shades of oriental motifs with romantic musical shades, giving the vocal part waves of pressure and ferocity, artistically and progressively pacifying them with dreamy vocal melodies wrapped in the charm of the musical veils of oriental motifs.
The muffled drum roll retreats before the twilight mystery of the guitar passages and variations, enveloping the surrounding reality in a twilight atmosphere, then marching with the leisurely pace of the twilight Torajyva march, completing the vocal phrases with drum fills, then combining music and vocals in the joint twilight step of the sound of the chorus, ending mysterious transformations of sound and expansion stylistic framework of this album.
Guitar riffs roll out the musical canvas, along which the Karpassilmat vocal part then thoughtfully and meaningfully walks, sometimes topped with the sparkling outlines of enchanting and melodic guitar solos. As if echoes of Eskimo fairy tales weave the twilight mystery of the introduction of the Ataraksia final composition of the album, which then envelops the vocal reflections in the twilight veils of musical severity. The vocal part is sometimes complemented by the enchanting tenderness of the vocal phrases of the singing lady, giving the sound of this musical piece shades of romantic charm.