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Laws without justice reigns in this age

October 19, 2019
Reign - The Age of Entitlement

The T.A.O.E. instrumental symphony, intriguing by the obscure mystery of musical mystery, opens the gates of the Acid Reign - The Age of Entitlement album, ending with enchanting trends of ancient tales and legends. Continuing the echoes of fairy tales and preserving the shades of ancient legends in instrumental bridges The New Low complements the musical essence of the album with a furious drive of verses and raising the banners of epic sagas in the choruses.
Spinning the whirlwind of the #newagenarcissist main motive, musical passages are hovering around vocal phrases, creating a spiral tunnel of musical accompaniment. My Peace of Hell continues to circle in the exciting vortexes of musical drive, introducing shades of epicity in the instrumental bridges and the chorus.
Weaving male and female vocals in an intriguing tribute to the traditional ageless rock'n'roll Blood Makes Noise (feat. Suzanne Vega) takes you on an exciting journey through the musical canvas. Then Sense of Independence in the verses retains an exciting pulsating drive, in bridges and choruses mesmerizing with epic banners of melodic passages and romantic shades.
The main motive of Hardship composition raises an atmosphere of thoughtful doubts, giving a bewitching mystery to the narrative, supporting intrigue with the pulsating march of the verse, returning to the main motive in the chorus. Remaining in the vastness of fairy-tale narratives, starting with the noise of distant winds Within the Woods continues with an epic musical essence, captivating the gloomy atmosphere of a medium-tempting fascinating musical legend.
The intriguing twilight of the entry ends with a whirlwind of playful dance sweeping through the sound of the Ripped Apart song. Starting with a soft chime of guitar strings, before the introduction of vocals United Hates raises the banners of the drive, completing the album with an impressive combination of contrasting styles.