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Law and order will cause civil disorder

March 29, 2017
First Blood - Rules

They are the foundation of order, they are the foundation of the customary world. Code of laws, First Blood - Rules you have to know ... to despise, circumvent, violate ... and improve them all!
Rules, restrictions of hobbies, limiting thoughts - who needs these rules ?! We have manifested Fuck The Rules for all of us!
These Are The Rules sound like clear rhythmic narrative, vocal phrases strikes as shock impulses, creating discontinuities of reality. At the end, the music rushes swiftly in a furious rush to freedom - but tough blows returns to the end!
A sharp, chopped rhythm recreates disparate, volatile picture that states Rules Meant To Be Broken, sparkling with incomprehensible shades of possible changes.
Hard, severe blows describes Rules Of Life, in a gloomy and percussive drive recreating the inflexibility of being to anyone, let it be an inconclusive and insignificant doubt.
Confident, energetic Rules Of Conviction vocal phrases collects a crowd of followers who follow and sing along with hard and persistent phrases. Then the whole crowd inflates the activity and swiftness of their support, thickening the density of the musical pattern. Emotional speech for melodic and lyrical guitar support brings the composition closer to completion, which produces a chorus of adepts.
Rapid and furious rush drags in Rules Of Engagement stream, creating a respite in the bridge before the chorus.
A calm female voice, at the break of nerves, detachedly and hopelessly utters a speech with the support of a delicate and gentle piano passage, then Rules Of Justice Gaining a powerful but lyrical and romantic image, first keeping the ballad style. Then the music darkenes at the respite, breaking into a sharp and rapid rush, again returns to the gloomy, but majestic slowness of the chorus.
Fast, rapid and abrupt drive in a quick and unshakable manner creates a stunning drive at the beginning of Rules Of Survival, then turning into a rhythmic blows of vocal phrases, passing to the Rules Of Freedom whirlwind of hard, rough riffs and phrases circling around a common rod. Then the tempo of the vortex increases, winding its step. But the vocal phrases thicken and compact the musical canvas again.
Do you want to learn and explore Rules Of Sacrifice? Are you willing to sacriface? Music consists of a variable powerful rhythmic phrases over and over again repeated this question and similar ones.
Hard, confident, clear vocals establish Rules Of Government, assertively and rigidly promotes his speech. Power and fury overwhelm the sound of the composition, changing the pace to fast and sharp rushes, replacing them with hard and rhythmic blows. Calm admonitory phrases completes the composition.
The lady's speech in combination with the buzzing guitar riff begins wonderful ballad Rules Of Crisis, that finalize album in the fog of gloomy romance, that restrains caution within the shores of comprehensive readiness. But the lyrics of the ballad brings so charming emotions, inspiring to live on, so that's worth of listening to it again and again!