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Last sunset accompanies the end of life's journey

March 15, 2018
Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets

The last few years there is a clear tendency - the groups that have gone into oblivion rise from the mist of oblivion, once again presenting impressive and unforgettable albums to their fans. This album revives some of the founders of this musical style.
The title track of Night In Gales - The Last Sunsets album is introducing with a distant noise and a mysterious sigh of unknown nature precedes the epic melody of the impressive guitar solo, before the vocal entry is carried away in a furious race, enveloped in a wonderful melody. Vocal tightens the sound in the verse, accentuating the name of the song in a melodic atmosphere in the chorus. Again misty mysterious guitar riffs are combined in a bright and melodic introduction, bringing the influence of classical music to further Dark Millenium music, accentuating its name over and over again, adhering to the main motive but supplementing it with more and more musical shades.
Already in the introduction of The Mortal Soul music song fully manifests its unrestrained melody, toughening and compacting the music before the addition of the vocal part, raising an incredible melody in the chorus.
So tranquil and thoughtful acoustic guitar solo The Passing with the burning campfire on the background adds peace and cosiness.
Majestically and confidently Architects of Tyranny envelops us with the musical charms of the main motive, again and again transforming its structure and rhythm, passing through the entire musical canvas its sound.
Preserving melodism, The Abyss starts song's trilogy envelops the mind with introduction's greatness and significance, sweeping the music in an uncontrollable bright flash with the introduction of the vocals, slowing down the pace again in the bridges and instrumental parts. The Spears Within continues this trilogy with a dense and sublime anthem, the vocals slow down the music, anticipating the subsequent passage of restrained rashness, raising the musical image to sparkle in the sunlight. Completing this sequence Circle of Degeneration is starting in the mysterious fog of the introduction, continuing with the phrases of the doubted vocals and completing the composition with hazy reflections and doubts in the coming prophecies and predictions.
A chirp resembling the flapping of the wings of unknown beasts or machine-gun bursts begins Kingdom of the Lost furious drive, the vocals turns the music in a thoughtful whirlwind creating a mystery of unpredictable images around vocal phrases.
The storm around the walls of the castle, in the tower on the harpsichord, the saddened sage thinks about the bad weather in Cessation instrumental song. in the introduction In Pain, in Silence transforms these sad reflections into a romantic ballad, that fosters sensuality and tenderly extols tenderness and emotions above all.
The rising shaft of musical drive raises a wave of energy and power, wrapped up in a melodic one and swiftly following the sparkling road of immortal grandeur, Dust and Form completing the album with an intolerable desire to wait for the next one.