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Knowledge and wisdom are able to unite lands and ages

June 22, 2020
Fable (AUS) - Wisdom

The magnificent His Majesty instrumental symphony begins the Fable (AUS) - Wisdom album with the embodiment of its name, slowly marching in the atmosphere of musical greatness and sublime artistry.
Developing the mysterious atmosphere of musical melodism Dragonlords complements the sound with the introduction of vocals, slowly marching with creaky screaming vocals phrases in the haze of the gloomy mystery of the epic anthem.
The eclipsing pace of musical slowness is complemented by echoes of doubt and some sadness of the vocal part and some trends of the funeral procession of the Aefilorsaddened musical saga.
The drum roll of the introduction assumes the further development of the composition in a battle march, but then music and vocals are combined in a solemn procession of the Fredyastreich heroic saga. The mesmerizing symphony of the Hearthfire instrumental composition is supplemented only by rare tunes of vocals, introducing some fragments of the progressive complication of the rhythmic structure.
Complementing rare vocal reflections with harsh melody, the Silhra Vaden combines atmospheric sound with notes of drive. A Noble Death keyboard solo completes the album with an instrumental suite introducing the spirit of medieval musical greatness - the music sounds like a minstrel ballad performed by a court orchestra in a royal castle.