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Kings - fallen alive, overthrows the rest!

July 06, 2017
Wizard (DEU) - Fallen Kings

The power of vocal phrases raises demands above awareness of former demands, Liar and Betrayer as the whole Wizard (DEU) - Fallen Kings album extols military romance beyond previous doubts.
Confident, clear and changeable vocal group of colleagues needs attention to their idea in We Are the Masses. You're with them or not?
Power, idea, self-righteousness becomes the cornerstone of sound Live Your Life ... mid-tempo traditions require attention!
Confidently, clearly, persistently Brothers in Spirit propagandizes traditions, concluding with an acoustic narrative.
The chorals, idea and other moments of the idea have embodied in White Wolf faithful ideas. Power, confidence, rage! We listen, we dance, we fight!
Clearly, confidently, aggressively and rigidly Wizard Until the End and the chant of companions creates an atmosphere of confidence and stiffness. Beat, block, rollback! We beat - hard and confident!
The main motive is captivating with its sound, propagandizing the ideas of Father to Son for all-pleasure. Confidence, power, rage - there's no sense to resist it!
Confidence and power continues to sound in Let Us Unite, creating a clear and rigid foundation, complemented by high and enchanting vocal splashes.
Beginning with an enchanting, brooding ballad - Frozen Blood continues with a confident, clear and rigid narrative at an average pace that does not accept the slightest contradiction! Sometimes bursting into impetuous impulses, it exaggerates its idea in the alternation of vocal frills and instrumental ideas.
You're the King - vocals are complemented by the impulsive forces, the new vocals exaggerate the pains completing the album more densely and powerfully.