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Kings and queens will never hear these tunes

December 07, 2019
Pseudo Mind Hive - Of Seers & Sirens

Waves of viscous drive are rolling in the harsh trends of musical ramparts, the vocals entering draws Sails At Dawn into the viscous expanses of gloomy mystery. The instrumental bridge returns to the motives of the introduction, but embellishes it with progressive sparks of guitar solo. The Dreamer's Burning Door introduction envelops the listener with the majestic solemnity of a significant anthem, crowning the important procession of musical passages with the charm of keyboard motifs. But then the guitar solos add an element of festivity, the rhythm of the composition accelerates and inspires on the verge of an average pace. In the instrumental part, these trends are combined together. The title track continues the Pseudo Mind Hive - Of Seers & Sirens album, still varying the sparkling reflections of ancient tales and completing musical beats with the harsh echoes of gloomy prophecies. The vocal part brings even more charm to these fabulous sagas. Returning in the introduction to the harsh march as characteristic style of this band, the instrumental composition Solstice then varies and decorates this rhythmic procession with romantic reflections and sparkling variations with mystical shades.
The muffled mystery of enchanting melodics is transformed by a whirlwind of witchcraft sorceries, but returns to romantic thoughts of a bewitching guitar solo and mystical sorceries of vocal phrases, combined in the enchanting epic saga of the Gaze Of Ptolemy song. Rolling the twilight veil of a musical sacrament Equinox dissipates the harsh drive with the introduction of vocals, captivating with the mesmerizing mystery of the musical atmosphere, complementing the muffled phrases of the vocals with tunes of an implicit fairy and covering vocal reflections with a cover of keyboard passages. Broken Colours completes the album with a bright instrumental composition, in which bright and exciting guitar solos come to the forefront of the musical image, diverting the main motive to the musical background.