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Kings and gods at the same high table

February 07, 2022
Spartan - Of Kings and Gods

The bright, impressive Fires of Helios guitar solo sets the direction of the sound of the Prometheus main motif, opening the musical gates of the Spartan - Of Kings and Gods concept album dedicated to ancient legends, fairy tales and heroes, then weaving with the vocal part in a single stream of thrilling drive.
The intro guitar solo rolls out the Birth of a God (Alexander, Pt. 1) musical canvas, along which the vocal narration confidently and meaningfully marches, opening the book of the coming dylogy, the beginning of which will precede the final composition of the album. Then everything is reversed - the A Siren Song (Odysseus, Pt. 2) song completes another dylogy, the primary section of which will become the said final composition. Here, too, the vocal part begins with the enchanting tunes of the singing lady, who displays and accentuates the meaning of the title of the song.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the sound of The Trial epic saga. The narration of the Son of Kronos antique speech serves as an introduction to the vivid sound of the King of the Pantheon composition, in which the vocal part is diversified by the furious sparkle of emotional screaming.
The guitar solo rolls in waves of inspired drive, topped with the Supremacy vocals phrases, and foregrounds the musical image in instrumental bridges. The Tomb of the Great (Alexander, Pt. 2) main motif captures with bright and melodic echoes of a solemn anthem, complemented by alternating screeching and growling in the vocal part of the final part of the earlier started dylogy, foreshadowing the Kingdom of the Dead (Odysseus, Pt. 1) first chapter of the dylogy that began earlier and concludes the album.