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Just starting to fade lit again

January 22, 2021
Torch (SWE) - Reignited

Starting the Torch (SWE) - Reignited band's reunion album energetically and rebelliously with unrestrained drive, the Knuckle Duster emphasizes the title over and over again in the chorus. The Collateral Damage song continues the musical narration with the epic saga of the mid-tempo march.
Intriguing with a guitar solo and a chime of cymbals in the intro, the All Metal, No Rust then unrolls the musical canvas of a rhythmic march, lifting vocal emotions to the top of the musical image. Carrying away with a round dance of guitar riffs into a fascinating dance, the Feed the Flame braids playful vocal phrases with whirlwinds of musical passages.
The mesmerizing romance of the guitar solo intro is then transformed into the In the Dead of Night march along the line between a mid-tempo march and a romantic ballad. Slightly accelerating the tempo, the Cradle to Grave hovers from side to side in a playful dance. The bass part emphasizes its importance in the musical image with rhythmic pulsations.
Setting the direction of the development of the main motive in the introduction, the Snake Charmer composition then brings the vocal part to the forefront of the sound. Rolling out the marching strip of the musical canvas, the Intruder song again and again brings its name to the fore, continuing the musical style in the final song of the album To the Devil His Due, in which the procession becomes less playful, but more rhythmic.