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Judge not lest ye be judged

June 04, 2019
Blitzkrieg - Judge Not!

Heretic acts as an introduction to the first composition of the Blitzkrieg - Judge Not! album, in which a stubborn and uncompromising march pulses at an average pace in bridges and verses and shrinks to a viscous burden in the Who Is Blind choruses.
Recognition of the vampire precedes the intro of the Forever Is a Long Time composition, fluttering in a fast-moving procession of epic narrative.
The harsh and uncompromising outlines of the Reign of Fire main motive envelops the vocal part with an accompaniment that confidently and meaningfully marches along the chosen musical path.
Unrestrained and stubbornly, the All Hell Is Breaking Loose main motive is approaching the verse, in which the vocal epically presents the shade of Eastern folklore, raising the cup of the medieval saga in the chorus. Pumping up a fast-moving drive Angels or Demons song rushes into an unrestrained flight of mystical fantasies, the vocals in the finale of the sermons elevate the tonality to unattainable heights.
Stubbornly and severely rolling waves of restrained rage and valiant majesty Loud and Proud inspires respect and is filled with courage and pride of soul, heart and mind.
Expecting in view of the name of the romantic ballad, the expectations of romance and melodism fully justify themselves, however, the musical tempo of the Without You composition runs along the border of the ballad and medium tempo musical canvas.
Developing the name of the album, Judge Not Lest You Yourself Be Judged song can be considered as the title track, but with an augmented title. Pride of importance recreates the musical lace of the majestic anthem, but the vocal contributes to the whirlwinds of doubt and interrogative sparks.
Wide Legged and Headless precedes the completion of the album with the most rapid drive on it, but the vocals in the finals of the couplets are somewhat slowed down by the pace of unrestrained fury, preparing for an extended medium tempo chorus narration. Then the epic painting of the Falling into Darkness composition completes the album with a combination of symphonic greatness and austere solemn anthem.