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Judge did not pass certification

September 08, 2019
 Sacrilege (GBR, Gillingham) - The Court of the Insane

The gloomy atmosphere of the Celestial City intro surrounds the drum roll, then the vocal begins with a magnificent speech, opening the way for the development of the main motive. Lies continues the Sacrilege (GBR, Gillingham) - The Court of the Insane album, again and again emphasizing the title in the chorus, enveloping the verse with a whirlwind of vocal doubts. A public court, the noise of a crowd of spectators, then the judge voices the decision, starting the gloomy veils of the title composition The Court of the Insane, rolling the canvas of a mid-tempo march, raising the banners of emotions and feelings in the chorus. The clatter of hooves, the ringing of the bell announces the arrival of the escort crew, then the vocals in a hoarse voice heralds the name of the Bring out Your Dead composition, after developing the musical passages in the introduction, it rolls in waves of restrained drive.
Vague musical passages envelops vocal experiences on the verge between a ballad and mid-tempo compositions, enveloping Depression vocal phrases in the obscure twilight of forebodings. No Bequeath continues this style, but delimits a mid-tempo composition with the gloomy outline of a dark anthem.
After variations of mid-tempo compositions, the song begins with brooding confessions of The Prophet, then again marching on the verge of a romantic ballad. Unhinged Mind completes the approach to the ballad, elevating leisurely vocal experiences to the top of the musical image with the banner of the solemn anthem.
After epic inspiration, I Can Hear the Silence song complements the album with waves of restrained drive, giving vocal phrases waves of inspiration. The starting engine of the motorcycle takes away from the epic dusk, then the musical passages give the sound of the final composition of the album Ride Free the spicy trends of the southern winds.