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Journey without any opportunity of return

July 26, 2021
FreeHowling - Journey of a Dead Man

Tightly, powerfully and energetically, the Chaos song begins the musical narration of the FreeHowling - Journey of a Dead Man album with a harsh and tough march.
Continuing the assertive pressure in joining, the A Monochrome of Grey composition is then rising with the swift of the rapid drive, complementing the vocal emotions of the violent hares by the background patients, complementing the vocal part with a growling vocals.
The title composition of the album consists of a trilogy, which starts by the gloomy severity of the Journey of a Dead Man (Day One) part, alternating harsh and growling in the foreground of the vocals part and the mood of the rapid drive. The next chapter, Journey of a Dead Man (Day Two), at first, hesitated by the swift drive, then retreating the musical pace in favor of vocal thinking and then repeating such an alternation again. The Journey of a Dead Man (Day Three) part completes the trilogy of the title composition, deriving a vocals batch, alternating and combining vocal styles, on the forefront of the musical image.
Rolling the medium-level processing of a dense march in the first part, the Time Distortions song then compacts the sound and accelerates the pace in the bridge, which precedes the chorus, rising a solemn procession of a majestic anthem. The conversation and dispute creates lace the intro of the Hope!! final composition of the album, which creates the sound atmosphere of mysteriousness and unclear twilight.