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It will never get well

February 06, 2021
Ominous (USA, CA) - Sick Society

The driving sound of the Full Blown composition builds up waves of militant rebellion, throwing any obstacles out of its way. The Throttlebone continues the The Ominous (USA, CA) - Sick Societyalbum with a battle march of fans marching to the final battle of their favorite club, who support each other's fighting spirit. The bass guitar in the Boss Man Cometh introduction develops the motives inherent in the previous composition, but then the guitar speeds up the rhythm a little, but the vocals continue the procession of the mid-tempo march, entwined with whirlwinds of guitar passages of instrumental bridges.
The unhurried procession of the Forbidden vocals phrases is complemented by the rhythmic pulsations of musical variations, the title track Sick Society continues a similar style, but decorates musical variations with guitar riffs and complements the vocal part with charismatic significance. The viscous and viscous musical procession of the Drowning song brings vocal emotionality to the fore, wrapping around the guitar solo in the chorus. The Memory Jane Doe soft and brooding ballad invokes memories, weaving musical mystery with vocal experiences in a mesmerizing dance.
Whipping up the harsh waves of mid-tempo drive again, the Witch Head brings some artistic additions to the emotional vocal appeal with sparkling guitar solos. Slightly accelerating the tempo, the sounding of the Sump'n Naked song returns to rock'n'roll traditions. Self-titled Ominous track continues the sound of the album with an epic saga, in which incredibly melodic guitar passages are manifested, anticipating the Sunday Mourning (Bonus Track) final composition of the album.