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It's true?! No, it seemed

December 10, 2019
Pvris - Hallucinations

The title track begins the Pvris - Hallucinations album with thoughtful thoughts, complementing the vocal experiences with notes of melodic appeals and leaving mysterious outlines against the background. In the chorus, the rhythm pulsates with futuristic rhythms, the samples distort the vocal phrases.
The Nightmare appeals of popular music are intertwined in a bewitching dance with vocal phrases, music introduces the influences of distorted echoes of the trends of the future and attracts the listener to a time travel in an unhurried step in the broken rhythm of an average tempo.
Keeping the style of the previous composition, Death of Me attaches greater importance to vocal experiences, covering up the trends of doubt and disturbing forebodings. Discarding anxieties and experiences, Things Are Better pulsates with inspiring waves, at first leaving only a monologue of vocal reflections in the introduction, then intertwining vocal phrases with a lace of musical inspiration. Concluding the album, Old Wounds captivates with variations of vocal experiences, raising the banners of doubt and anxiety to the forefront of the musical essence.