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It’s so hard to find clues from the undead

January 26, 2019
The Emerald Grave - The Emerald Grave

The mysterious guitar solo intrigues the Masters of Mankind prelude, hiding sobs and weeping, the vocals bring out the tinges of their experiences, then the music stirs up anxiety, exploding with the impetuous drive of the instrumental part, but vocals again bring doubts and reverie.
In the Follow No More introduction, some shades of progressive brokenness appear, then the vocals and instrumental passages interlace in an impetuous middle tempo dance.
The introduction maintains the The Emerald Grave - The Emerald Grave album’s thoughtful atmosphere, but then the musical image The Pursuit of Reason is transformed into a competition of impetuous drive and burdened reverie in musical passages and full of doubt vocal phrases.
In the violent streams of musical drive, the sound of Passenger composition interweaves a kaleidoscope of styles, relating the sound mostly to thrash metal. Afflicted Eyes continues this musical style, pushing the growling away from the vocals even more and giving it a harsher sound, complementing the choruses with a screeching squeal in the choruses.
But The Emerald Grave title track hardens vocal phrases, again weaving styles in equivalent alternation of the introduction, but then the music is carried away in an impetuous stream of fierce threshing everything around.
The final composition of the album Altar of the Divine as if seeks to find clues to the riddles, but they appear all new and new ciphers and obscure puzzles and wanderers apply strength and knowledge to solve these sacraments.