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It leaves rejection in soul and mind

October 05, 2020
Herbstschatten - Abschaum

Unhurried Endzeit reflections envelop the atmosphere of a fairy tale, complementing these intriguing narratives with distant echoes of suffering and epic echoes of forgotten legends. Then the acoustic ballad of the wandering bard narrates more gently and gently about the similar essences of this Herbstschatten - Abschaum album. But a burst of laughter is preceded by persistent waves of drive, surging with the unrestrained impetuosity of the Seelenschrei furious musical thriller, which, however, retains the charm of melodic echoes. The Der Kutscher song continues at first the sound of a violent action movie, but then transforms into a majestic symphonic saga with influences of classical music, chorales of clean vocals and acoustic guitar passages.
But the charm of the mid-tempo sound of the Sonnenuntergang epic saga wraps around in a whirlwind of epic fairy tales, sometimes transforming into a muzykal stream of furious drive with the fierceness of the vocal part. Continuing in the mid-tempo procession of a stern march, entwined with the gloomy veils of toreality, the Flammen Der Schuld then again and again transform the rhythmic essence varies, flying away from time to time in a whirlwind of furious drive, but again returning to the mid-tempo procession. The Gletscherbestie song adds even more mystery to unexpected musical transformations, combining the twilight anthem's veils of an epic tale with explosions of furious drive.
Capturing the attention of an overwhelmingly hit guitar solo of intro, the Thron Des Zorns then combines it with vocal phrases, sometimes morphing into epic narrative. The Gabe acoustic guitar solo acts as a romantic introduction to the final composition of the album Hingabe, developing its motives in the procession of the majestic severity of the solemn march.