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It is so hard to survive that!

July 24, 2020
Make Them Suffer - How to Survive a Funeral

Starting with an epic mystery of the Step One intriguing composition, the Make Them Suffer - How to Survive a Funeral album complements its final fragment with short vocals, then explodes into the Falling Ashes furious whirlwind of musical action, topped with the artistry of background keyboard tunes.
Forcing the twilight of viscous blood, the Drown With Me rolls over in waves of a fierce march, combining the rhythmic pulsation of the musical procession with the alternation of screaming and growling of vocal phrases. The musical composition draws on some shades of blues and the charm of the melodies of clean vocals. The harshness of the Bones epic anthem is complemented by the emotional screams of the screaming, the harsh growling narrative and the charm of symphonic melody with the vocals of a singing lady.
The symphonic charm of a keyboard solo anticipates a burst of frantic drive, but then the Erase Me composition manages to combine such contrasting musical properties into a single sound as single entity. Whipping up the slow dance of the mid-tempo march, the Soul Decay wraps around the dominant vocal narration with the echoes of a musical symphony. Bringing the vocal narration back to the forefront of the musical image, the Fake Your Own Death anticipates the symphonic charm of the How To Survive A Funeral album's title track, in which melody takes you into the vastness of dreams and cloud castles.
Discarding the harshness and cruelty of sound, The Attendant enchants with a mesmerizing union of clean male and female vocals. The That's Just Life ends the album after a mysterious guitar solo, exploding in a stream of furious drive.