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It is so hard to realize true essence

December 13, 2022
Implore - The Burden of Existence

Exploding with a whirlwind of furious drive, the Prior Void composition wraps the vocal narrative in a musical frenzy, artistically varying and transforming the rhythmic pattern, complementing the sound with oriental motifs and majestic solemnity, anticipating the viscous and painful march of the title track of the Implore - The Burden of Existence album, accelerating in the indignant impatience of vocal anger bursting out of the viscous shackles of the introduction and constraining fragments, which it smashes to smithereens, sweeping in all directions the Archetype musical thriller unrestrained drive.
The guitars solo of the introduction weaves the threads of the Masochistic Tendencies leitmotif, crowned with a persistent, confident and meaningful vocals narrative, accentuating the finale of phrases with guitar passages and combining guitar drive with vocal fury in a single musical stream. But then the majestic solemnity of the Accept the Loss dark anthem appears in the twilight solemnity of the veneration of loss, followed by a whirlwind of rapid drive and vocal lyrics of the Sun Deprived composition, progressively and artistically transforming the musical style and genre shades. Billowing with a furious whirlwind of musical unrestrained, the Failure Through Self Preservation song accentuates the rhythmicity of the sound and the power of the musical pressure, taming the swiftness of the tempo, developing into an intriguing guitar solo of the Ultimate Freedom intro, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the mysterious musical image.
Beginning with a mesmerizing guitar solo, the Love Will Gradually Perish sad ballad envelops in foggy veils of twilight romance, ending with the rebellious pressure of The Sense of Endings composition, completing the musical procession of the album with notes and shades of romantic atmosphere in guitars solos.