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It is so hard to imagine the true sense of this knowledge

August 28, 2022
Russian Circles - Gnosis

The gloomy musical mood of the Tupilak composition envelops the unhurried procession of musical passages with a mysterious haze, complementing the atmosphere of the sound with background echoes of gothic legends and gloomy fairy tales.
Rhythmic and severe guitar riffs set the main motive of the Conduit combat march, which gives a confident, clear and meaningful pace to the chosen goal for the sake of fulfilling the assigned combat tasks. The title track of the Russian Circles - Gnosis album continues the musical narrative with a solemn anthem with the embodiment of the spiritual essence of the semantic concept of this musical release.
The twilight mystery of the musical story of the Vlastimil composition weaves an intriguing lace of the interweaving echoes of ancient legends and forgotten fairy tales, again and again complementing and varying the rhythmic basis of these musical combinations.
Intriguing reverie and unhurried echoes of memories are intertwined in the sound of the soft musical chime of the O Braonain composition, which precedes the twilight atmosphere, enveloping the persistent and rhythmic procession of the harsh Betrayal march, confidently imprinting its step into the chosen path of the musical road. Musical mystery with echoes and shades of ancient fairy tales completes the album with a leisurely musical step of the Bloom epic saga.