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It is so hard to imagine an endless space

May 07, 2022
Samira Winter - Endless Space (Between You & I)

The intriguing musical mystery and vocal mystery of the Between You & I track act as an introduction to the title track of the Samira Winter - Endless Space (Between You & I) album, in which music and vocals develop the direction of romantic mystery with echoes of futuristic epic and mystical mystery.
After a mysterious introduction, the Here I Am Existing music develops the already set direction of unity of futuristic musical styles with the influence of folklore fairy tales of mysterious fairies, continuing the musical procession of a mysterious fairy tale about unknown ways of Healing in mystical mystery and enchanting sound of melodic sparkle.
The music and vocals of the In The Z Plane composition are wrapped in a haze of obscure mystery, anticipating the trends of spirituality and echoes of the obscure mystical component of the background melodies of the Say song, enveloping the vocal mystery with veils of artistic musical passages influenced by many musical styles.
The participation of a guest musician brings artistic novelty and trends of musical originality to the artistic essence of the Bem No Fundo (Feat. Dinho Almeida) composition, complementing the main vocal of the singing lady with the background support of male vocals. The Constellation and Memoria Colorida songs continue the romantic thoughtfulness inherent in the musical atmosphere of the given.
The Wherever You Are romantic ballad captivates with soothing calmness and bewitching mysterious atmosphere, anticipating the end of the album with the union of fairy tales of the past and futuristic musical stylistic solutions, embodied in the sound of the Pure Magician composition.