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It is so hard to get nothing

August 09, 2023
Damage Overdose - Indigenocide

The twilight mystery of the obscure musical haze of the Intro track, which opens the musical gates of the Damage Overdose - Indigenocide album, is complemented by muffled vocal reflections, transforming into a swift whirlwind of drive of the Mental Asphyxiation composition, wrapping around the hurried vocal rebellion with a violent spiral of guitar riffs. But then the sound is transformed by the rhythmic pace of the battle march, complemented by confident and harsh vocal phrases.
The folklore melodies of the ritual festivity act as the opening of the Bonecrusher song, then combining viscous guitar riffs with a consistent vocals story, slowly marching in unity to the twilight dialogue of a desperate adult and a doubting child, ending with a twilight atmosphere of a guitar solo, combined with the saddened sounding of the Reaching for Nothingness dark musical fairy tale.
With a whirlwind of drive in the intro, the Salvation Denied song then confidently and persistently pushes the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the sound with powerful guitar passages of instrumental fragments. Once again the folklore melodies create the atmosphere of the introduction, then stubbornly and forcefully marching in the procession of the Savage Brutality rhythmic march.
The gloomy mystery of the introduction envelops the vocals with veils of twilight haze, then from time to time it whirs with rapid acceleration, but then again and again returning in the sound of the Blood Driven song to a rhythmic march, ending with the rhythmic ritual melodies of the Warpathogenfinal composition, which ends the album with a long narrative with a significant influence of folklore motifs, which are fully embodied in the instrumental part with echoes of distant felts and the noise of a burning fire.