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It is not easy to get used to the forgotten

November 20, 2018
Krallice - Go Be Forgotten

The procession of musical trends envelops a bright guitar part, then complementing it with nervous screaming vocals, starting the Krallice - Go Be Forgotten album with unrestrained wanderings through a mysterious dark forest. Then This Forest For Which We Have Killed composition expands its sound in breadth, transforming the musical and vocal component with epicity and significance. The Failed Visionary Cults music rolls in pulsing waves, the vocals deepen their sound from screaming almost to growling, but then, as if pleading with nervous words of the devil of darkness, to retreat. These prayers enda with a bewitching guitar solo, culminating in harsh vocal phrases.
Swooping epic lace of the main motive Go Be Forgotten weaves many musical ideas and trends together, forming a fascinating musical image of symphonic ferrous metal. The vocals raise their phrases from the bottom of the composition, again and again appearing as the background of a charming musical image.
Guitar passages tend to twist retaining bonds, soaring swiftly around the Chaos of the Living vocal phrases and being carried away into unknown distances, vocals remain in turmoil and are not able to break the musical passages that envelop it.
The muffled motives of the pre-dawn haze envelops in an impenetrable veil of a mysterious atmosphere, creating mysterious covers of obscure mystical predictions that foreshadow sad events and an obscure future with the Quadripartite Mirror Realm instrumental saga.
Fascinating guitar solo shoots up the exciting structure of the Ground Prayer composition, the rest of the instruments tend to catch up with the unstoppable guitar waves, but with the introduction of vocals, the music unites their parts, alternating the harsh waves of the drive with deep growling vocals and swift winds with nervous screaming.
The sophisticated, but so epic and fascinating Outro completes the album, signifying the diversity of subsequent artworks.