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It is not easy to find a name for such progress

March 30, 2020
Dawn Patrol - How Can We Call This Progress?

The rustling of electronic impulses, the distant ringing of bells and obscure voices ... of wise men, spirits or seeming phrases are combined in the The Heavy Judger of Men... track that is opening of the Dawn Patrol - How Can We Call This Progress? album, then exploding in the unbridled frenzy of the Moloch! as furious musical thriller, entangling vocal anger with a whirlwind of instrumental passages.
The title composition We Call This Progress? raises the banners of musical fury, casting aside the varied excesses and elevating the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image. The viscous burden of the Foundations Crumble intro envelops in an atmosphere of gloomy gloom, then the vocals complement this mid-tempo gloom with explosions of emotional fury. The System vocals calls to create an anticipation of a more significant development of sound, but at first Don't Let Them Deceive Us develops a thoughtful ballad, raising in the final part the banners of rampant drive.
Powerfully pulsating waves of a rhythmic march Free Market Warfare combines vocals and music in a single musical alloy. Rage and drive harden music and vocals, creating an unbridled atmosphere of anger and rage, varying Chemical Lobotomy tempo turns. Rolling majestic musical waves Zero Tolerance elevates vocal phrases to demonstrate their own greatness, preparing for progressive variations, intertwining percussion and guitar passages in the What Came up... bewitching dance, anticipating the introduction of vocals, but preserving a complex and bewitching musical picture, after which Chain Factory ends the album with a stream of frantic musical drive.