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It is not easy to deal with some monsters

February 05, 2020
Stone Hand - Carcosa

Thoughtful painful musings of the Hanging From The Rafters musical ambiguity recedes Stone Hand - Carcosa before the alternation of vocal styles of screaming and growling, continuing the Left To Ember album with the trends of restrained drive, inspires with a very varied perception of fairy-tale essences, however continues this sounding, emphasizing the compositional structure on the vocal part.
Pulsation of the Decay main motive varies the mid-tempo march. Rage and power drives Enslaved By Terror unbridled drive, then, while preserving the power of, Diluted Mind brings the spice of oriental folklore. But power, rage and energy take their toll, combining with the direct echoes of the hot winds in the Blamed musical passages. Starting the unbridled drive of musical rage Malicious Intent combines vocal musings with musical fury, interwoven in a dance of medium-tempo drive.
The Error Effects pulsating mid-tempo marches appeal for power and command, but then the vocals appeal for musical swiftness, however, to remain within the mid-tempo drive. The title track Carcosa by acoustic thoughtfulness anticipates the further development of musical lace, bewitching the listener with the mature development of musical essence. Watch Me Bleed ontinues uncontrollable pain.