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It is impossible to be measured

July 17, 2022
Pymlico, 2022 -  Supermassive

The Breaking Protocol composition begins the musical narration of the Pymlico - Supermassive album in an atmosphere of wise thoughtfulness, combining jazz improvisations with the restraint of musical embodiments.
In the Confusion musical story, at first the guitar solo comes to the fore, but then progressive musical transformations raised the saxophone to the musical peak, but then mesmerizing with the melodic charm of musical discoveries.
Musical reflections of the Clockwork composition envelop with a mysterious atmosphere of echoes of long-standing memories, continuing in an atmosphere of romantic gagging with the Are We There Yet ? pulsation of echoes of the experienced momeents and the charm of the fascinating solos of the saxophone.
Wisdom and confidence in the future is intertwined in the sound of the Time Out track with notes of doubt and adventurous assumptions of the coming changes, but the guitar solo and artistic musical variations bring encouraging motives, continuing with pulsating playfulness with echoes of beach folk motifs in the sound of the Little Nellie composition. Persistently, persistently and unquestioningly, the Doppelmayr composition includes the main motif, but these doubts recede before the pensive and inspired completion of the album with the WTG musical fairy tale.