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It is difficult to overcome - but still do not give up!

April 25, 2021
Phlebotomized -  Pain, Resistance, Suffering (EP)

Symphonic suite It Will Pass... with twilight gloomy magnitude of rising transformations is the entry of a musical fairy tale, continuing to the fierce battle of restraint and frenzy in the title composition of the Phlebotomized - Pain, Resistance, Suffering (EP) release, in which music and vocals crushes in the fascinating dance of the unity of a powerful drive and epic saga. Union of vocals and music crowds the artistic melodism of keypads and guitar solo.
The militant and valiant battle march in a fierce rhythmic crushing of the population is crowned with the melodious grandeur and banners of the future victories, again and re-emphasizing the readiness for the battles in the majestic felling of the No Surrender song's chorus, uniting the growling, screaming and clean vocals in the vocals part.
Intriguing intro with muted urging introduces palaces romantic atmosphere of the Beheaded Identity bewitching ballad, bringing to the fore at times clean vocals, alternating and combining it with restrained and meaningful growling, procession with solemn march inspirational anthem.
Starting by a distorted American anthem, the music then twisters the lace of electronic impulses, concluded by focusing the name of the You Have No Idea track. The Collusion Starts Here composition is rolling the waves of the mid-tempo march, weaved screaming, growling and clean vocals together unite in the artistic canvas of the vocals part musical stream. The final composition GPS retains the atmosphere of a romantic narration, combining and alternating vocal styles in the vocal party, which is the progressive greatness of technical music in guitars solo of instrumental fragments.