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It is better to choose another master

November 13, 2022
Ruby The Hatchet - Fear Is a Cruel Master

The anxious musical passages complement the emotional vocals experiences with a symphonic keyboard background summed up by rhythmic guitar riffs receding before the sparkling guitar solo anticipating the final chorus of the The Change song. The viscous intensity of the stubborn Deceiver main motif continues the musical narrative of the Ruby The Hatchet - Fear Is a Cruel Master album with a stubborn and unyielding procession.
The sound of the Primitive Man march develops the theme of the previous composition, even more persistently and rhythmically driving the steps of his step into the chosen musical path, leading to the majestic solemnity of the 1000 Years mysterious anthem, enveloping unhurried vocals reflections with the covers of a twilight symphony.
Rhythmic musical pulsations complement the background solo of the saxophone, bringing to the sound of the Soothsayer epic musical artwork echoes of bard ballads and medieval minstrel motifs, developing this musical style in the melodic charm and enchanting vocal lyrics of the Last Saga. In the vocal part, the singing lady initially retreats before the male vocals, in the chorus and subsequent fragments intertwining in the enchanting dance of the duet.
The bright guitar solo of the introduction sets the direction for the development of the Thruster leitmotif, which is then crowned with vocals lyrics and wrapped around the sparkling ribbons of keyboard passages, then again setting the direction for the development of the compositional structure of the Amor Gravis final composition in the introduction, but again and again intriguing with unexpected artistic transformations.