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August 26, 2020
Canterra - Heartmachine

An inspirational musical canvas rolls out A Lifetime track of passages that lifts the enchanting tunes of the singing lady to the top of the musical image. The guitar solo of the instrumental part gives importance and significance to the sound. The title track continues the Canterra - Heartmachine album with whirlwinds of doubt in the guitar solo of the introduction with wordless chorales in the background, then retreating in front of the proud and strict tunes of female vocals, transforming the sound into a solemn hymn, accelerating the musical sound in the choruses.
Accelerating the tempo of the music and bringing in the spirit of future adventures, the No Bitter End keeps the symphony of musical sound, complementing it with the emotional charm of vocal phrases. The mysteriousness of The Day introduction anticipates the development of a similar style in the vocal part, complementing the rhythmic procession with fragments of the riddle. After the romantic softness of the introduction, the Another Tear ballad rolls in waves of the main motive, lifting vocal sensuality to their crests.
According to the Revolution composition title, the music explodes with a rapid whirlwind of rebellious disagreement, somewhat restraining the musical drive with the thoughts of the singing lady. Weaving musical passages and vocal phrases in a mesmerizing dance, the When the Rain Begins to Fall envelops the listener in a sparkling haze of romantic atmosphere. The Fear Me - Fast ends the album, complementing the vocals with male growling and playfully dancing with musical drive on the verge of a thriller.