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It helps us not to fit into the void of pit

February 10, 2017
The Silence Broken - The Pendulum Effect

Swing of the pendulum sacraments us with The Silence Broken - The Pendulum Effect indicating that not all where it should be!
Dreams and despair embodied in emotional phrases of Just To Watch It Burn, shrouded by vortices distressing guitar riffs, pierced with pins of the main motive.
Introduction of The Line Between creates a lyrical atmosphere, carrying in vocal speeches romantic mist through all distanse of the tracks path.
The rhythmic drive passes confidently on the road of Invisible Disease, paved in blurred uncertain future, carrying the banner of keyboard passages ower their stack.
High and dreamy keyboard notes permeates the romantic fairy tale Blankets And Wires with misty pins keyboard passages the whole onerous melancholy story.
Harsh drive of The Lesser Of Two (Feat. Matt Dalberth), complete with a clear tough harsh vocals with guest star gives boldness and encourage to great deals and honorous acts.
From The Outside Looking In continues to combine a romantic reverie of clean vocals with an aggressive sharpness of harsch parts.
Sorrowful Constellations symphony brings the spirit of the romantic gloom, concealing his anguish beauty flaws of the world.
The title track The Pendulum Effect by their mysterious instrumental delights creates a foundation for Meet At The Horizon (Feat. Felicia Lape & Bianca Dyrland) intriguing allure with mysterious and enigmatic intro into a viscous and hazy hazard, bringing powerful driving growling submissions in the chorus.
The lyrical sadness of No Clothes After Midnight closes the album by offering sublime keyboard leitmotif above the dusty environment of the ordinary roughness