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It has been worshiped for generations

October 23, 2020
Benediction - Scriptures

Drum rolls begin the sound of Iterations of I composition, then with a bright guitar solo preceding the introduction of the vocals and setting the tone for the main motive. Complementing the Benediction - Scriptures album title with additional features, the Scriptures in Scarlet wraps around vocal phrases with round dances of guitar riffs. The Crooked Man rolls out the musical canvas of a mid-tempo march, confidently and sternly marching along it with a vocal narration. But then the music sharply picks up the pace to a headlong race. After an intriguing guitar solo, the Stormcrow intrigue builds up a whirlwind of drive, wrapping around the vocal phrases around the guitar solo.
Complementing the musical composition with the participation of the legendary musician the Progenitors of a New Paradigm (feat. Kam Lee) blows up the waves of severe drive. Sharply accelerating the tempo, the Rabid Carnality surges into a whirlwind of high-speed musical thriller. Dancing in rhythmic musical passages the In Our Hands, the Scars track accentuates the significance of these pulsations. Somewhat restraining the musical impetuosity the Tear Off These Wings song returns to the mid-tempo narration, but sometimes accelerates it to a fast-paced drive in bridges.
Whipping up the gloomy atmosphere, the guitar solo of the intro brings a mystical mystery, the intro of the vocals accelerates the tempo of Embrace the Kill composition. But the guitar solo of the instrumental part adds an epic atmosphere to the music. The rhythmic pulsations of the intro pump up the waves of drive, wrapping around the sparkling sound of the guitar solo, then bringing the vocals to the forefront of the Neverwhen musical image. Accelerating the pace, The Blight at the End music chases fleeing temptations in a hurried manner. The We Are Legion song ends the album with a dark saga with echoes of ancient tales and dark legends.