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It didn't kill you, but it only made you stronger

November 19, 2020
Prison (USA, FL) - Still Alive

The confessions of prisoners who went through horrific ordeals, they were very Hurt .... they begin the Prison (USA, FL) - Still Alive album with their stories, smoothly turning into a distorted background of rhythmic pulsations of a harsh drive, marching in the Pray for Me viscous mid-tempo march, grit and sternly complementing vocal concentration with musical passages. The old man's phrases complete the composition.
Soaring in a whirlwind of guitar frenzy the Wage War accelerates the tempo somewhat, transforming the vocal part into a variation of harsh, shaded by emotional concentration. The impulses of the life support apparatus set the direction for the development of the Still Alive title composition, complementing the musical image with vocal changes and marching in mid-tempo density, compressing the tempo in the chorus.
The echoes of the psychoanalyst's phrases end with a viscous musical narration that brings the vocal part to the forefront of the Mental Illness musical image. Transforming the vocal part the You and Me and the Devil dilutes the harsh with the recitative of clean vocals, rolling waves of a dense march and diluting the stylistic rigidity of the album.
Transmitter pulses with a background of electronic distortion set the direction of development of the Hell on Earth track, pumping powerful waves of harsh drive, crowned with vocal phrases. The keyboard passages add a touch of artistry to the sound. The final composition of the album Obituary's Son appears to be its semantic completion, complementing the musical romanticism with dreamy phrases of clean vocals and the fierce emotions of harsh. The final fragment leaves a lot of thought in a muted narrative.