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Is this tale be trusted forever and ever?

January 27, 2018
Loth - Apocryphe

Romantic ballad Douce Dame Jolie narrates in a pensive and calm manner about wanderings and adventures, in a calming atmosphere, preparing to listen to the Loth - Apocryphe album. Singing lady in a gentle voice creates a mysterious fog, enveloping charming thoughts and anticipations of indescribable beauty Anticipating the coming battles and trials, Mourir A Metz intro pumps waves of gloomy fog, hiding vocal phrases in the whirlwinds of a furious drive, hiding a fascinating fascinating melody under the armor of its dense and spectacular passages. Then in the bridge there is a celebration of heroes, slowly walking along the roads in a safe castle. Then the heralds chant their exploits, giving honor and praise to them again and again. But in the cell of his refuge from the rain and bad weather hides a bard, a romantic ballad, then this melody is enveloped by violent musical passages, swirling dark vortex around vocal phrases, anticipating the next battles of valorous heroes.
In a powerful stream of drive, a charming melody is clashing, combined with nervous, muffled vocal phrases and rising in the first bridge above the clouds, then fluttering like Malmoth proud banner, for which the knights will fight untill the last man standing. Then this bright melody subordinates everything to its influence, proudly pacing in so unhurried musical triumph. These delights continue to sparkle in their bright charming passages, at the end accelerating the rhythmic composing of the musical image. Once again, merging with the power of an uncontrollable drive, the bright melody completes the composition in an atmosphere similar to the introduction.
Shackling the dark fetters of dense fog hamper thoughts and aspirations to join the title track Apocryphe. But once again, the soft and thoughtful ballad of the wise bard precedes the next waves of gloomy twilight, again and again enveloping the sparkling with the rays of black magic, a charming melody.