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Is the king dead? Long live the king!

May 10, 2018
Nonexistent - W.A.R

The epic musical motif enthralls the introduction of the conceptual saga Nonexistent - W.A.R, beginning with the title composition and revealing the fantasy canons in an unexpected musical style, weaving the contrast and various moments together. Vocal begins with a rebellious harsh, supplementing it with majestic melodies of clean one.
Well, starting with the title track of the album, the next song NonExistent is the same name with the band itself - developing in the same manner, the epic melody gallops into the intro, then the music sounds lighter and more restrained, complementing the guitar riffs with shades of romanticism and fabulousness. Vocals bring sharpness and stiffness.
King UltrosThunderstorm and bad weather precede a majestic melody and wise muffled reflections, creating a meaningful introduction, 1 after a bright break that develops the notes embedded in the introduction into the main theme, enveloping the rigid vocal phrases with a sparkling procession. In the final part, the vocal podopollnyaet his party with a raspy screech of screaming.
Establishing its sound in the introduction, the Mistress Pain main motive irresistibly moves to the development of its shades, me rhythm and tempo, transforming the vocal part to reveal its features from all sides.
Twisted in an enchanted whirl of the Blackheart main motive, the vocals complement the romantic guitar passages with their meditations, drifting in the stream of drive in verses to bright reflections in bridges and creating a charming melody of the main motive in the choruses.
Developing the concept of the album, Twelve Sons embodies all possible variations of stylistic nuances, preserving the main motive, but indulging in variations of musical and vocal changes without stopping - there is a drive, a romance, hard vocal phrases and dreamy reflections.
The album ends with a combination of epic tales and a tight drive, united in unanimous impulse, in the Wrath chorus tending to dominate the vocal, in verses leaving the framework of the main motive inviolate.