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Is the king dead? God save the king!

June 27, 2017
Manilla Road - To Kill A King

The restrained, muffled and thoughtful title track begins the album Manilla Road - To Kill A King, swaying in a low-key manner, gently moving the musical procession in a leisurely and painstaking manner.
The difficult, complex and interesting instrumental saga Conqueror continues the album with its ornate motives, the vocals only close to the end adds few phrases to the composition.
Sirens, warning of the danger begins Never Again, restrained, brooding and alarmed ballad. In the atmosphere of anxious romance the whole song sounds.
After an alarming ballad, The Arena rushes with furious drive into battle, demolishing all obstacles on his way. In the instrumental part the ballad comes to the fore again, recreating past experiences in melodic breaks.
The sound again returns to romanticism, combining for In the Wake soft and gentle ballad parties and almost mid-tempo parts.
So confident, clear and persistent The Talisman drive will be supplemented by the harsh, sharp vocals. The spirit of militancy and unruly fury have embodied in hard, viscous riffs.
Starting with soft, melodious motifs The Other Side turns into the anxious atmosphere of waiting for negative prophecies, vocals replaces each other - a furious harsh and dreamy clean complement the musical patterns. Psychedelic gets the main role of the Castle of the Devil musical image, saturating the sound with notes of anxiety and alarmed moves.
Persistent, confident Ghost Warriors sound envelops the traditional, familiar and unshakable musical manner.
Blood Island completes the album in a similar style with most compositions.