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Inviolable ancient legends in a changing world

December 26, 2017
Bucovina - Nestramutat

That's pretty hard to pronounce what you do not understand. However, the soft and sensual pensive fog of a dreamy, melancholic musical mist, the sage broadcasts ancient legends, completing the album's introduction Incape-Ntr-O Vorba (Intro) with his name Bucovina - Nestramutat. It's bad or good - listen and appreciate! I listened a lot of times, so I shal listen again and again to its music.
Over the clouds in dreams, a dreamy guitar solo uprises the Da-Mi Mana, Toamna intro, but then the music draws down with dense and concentrated power, the vocal wisely and wisely broadcasts its story, completing powerful couplets with tough guitars breaks.
The Carari in Suflet main motive in militant and concentrated form concentrates all the shades of sound around its procession, the vocals show their range, raising the tonality in comparison with the previous composition. In the chorus, all comrades-in-arms praise their exploits.
Starting with a soft, restrained ballad in which the bard sings his wanderings, Ultima Iarna then turns into a multi-valued composition, gaining considerable power. A swift stream of instrumental passages, supplemented by howling wolves, completes the composition.
Deep, rough as a snow storm instrumental moves begin the Veacul Ruinei song, vocal phrases from time to time bring waves of brooding romance. Instrumental breaks occasionally envelops with the significance of the northern rocks seas raging within the fjords, severe northern winds and a bright but not scorching sun, in the rays of which snowdrifts glitters.
Again peveloping the melody, La Apus in the introduction pays tribute to the parties of the bass guitar, the main motif then rises brightly in the rays of sunlight, unforgettably like the northern lights shine in the skies.
Approaching to the album's Sunt Munti Si Paduri (Bonus) preserves the melody, but brings more tangible streams of drive, full of instrumental delights, a gloomy fog that time dissipates vocal phrases from time to time.
A soft and sensual fingering of the guitar strings, in which two guitars like dancing around each other, creates a lyrical background for the sage, completing the album with Nestramutati (Outro) romantic tunes, enveloping memories with the haze of the legendary epic.