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Infidels have to pass the hardest trials

February 20, 2018
Sektarism - La Mort De L'infidele

Scraping, fears fade into the obscure darkness, making their way secretly and cautiously. Then the guitars leisurely show their musical influence in the twilight haze of vague premonitions. Then the preacher elevates his prayers and sermons to heaven, seeking to drive out demons and any evil spirits. O Seigneur By preaching his efforts and trials to the master, the preacher introduces mysterious legends of medieval mysteries and the uncharted magic of the conceptual album Sektarism - La Mort De L'infidele. Then the minister's speeches are transformed - as if demons subordinated his phrases to his will, vocal reflections become rougher and sharper, as if evading demonic shades of violent nervousness from the mind. At the end of the composition, demons venerate the soul of the suffering servant, who is locked in a dungeon, where he indulges in indistinct delirium.
In the sound of the next track Brule L'heretique there are some changes - condensation and thickening sound, thick and viscous musical action confidently promoting demonic delights. But then the inquisitors approach the demon-possessed minister, read long, emotional and informative sermons, enveloping the evildoers of evil with their verified spells and faithful prayers. But the secret sacrament can not hide from light and darkness, battling around the ritual, supplementing the musical picture with the vague echoes of their battles.
Beginning with an obscure, muffled motif, the longest composition of the album, surpassing many musical creations in duration, then Conscience, Revolte, Perte Du Moi becomes a protracted militant march, as if the army of dark forces is going to march to the last battle. Then emotions and nervousness complete vocal experiences - transforming into an emotional confession balancing on the verge of a final breakdown into a dark abyss. Instrumental delights then only exacerbate an obscure fog. It should be noted that this musical style is designed to create the atmosphere and cause bench empathy - that this album have done that fully.