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Inevitable anarchy of ruined world

January 05, 2022
Mutually Assured Destruction (USA) - For The Lost

The thoughtful and artistic guitar solo of the Anarchy intro creates an intriguing mystery of the beginning of the Mutually Assured Destruction (USA) - For The Lost album, but then the guitars soar with a whirlwind of driving energy and combine with the vocals in a joint musical flow of rebellious insistence.
The bass guitar solo opens the gates for the musical procession of the Psychedelic Struggle composition, artistically improvising in anticipation of the manifestation of the true musical essence together with vocal persistence and tenacity.
The musical insistence of the introduction sets the direction for the development and sound of the Inevitable leitmotif, then topped with fierce and angry vocal proclamations.
A drum roll precedes the dark and dreary guitar riffs, supplemented by distant echoes of the I Am Become Death speeches, serving as an introduction to the WMD track, the title of which conceals the acronym "weapons of mass destruction" - perhaps the most terrifying, deadly and dangerous invention of mankind, by the very embodiment of which people have created a monster, which, having broken free, will destroy mankind.
Combining vocals and music in a mesmerizing dance, varying the tempo and rhythm, the Juvenoia song ends the album meaningfully and impressively. In the middle part of the composition there is a heavy and gloomy sound, but in the final drive the music returns to the expected sound.