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Indestructible and eternal death monument

June 15, 2020
Like Rats - Death Monolith

Exploding with a storm of furious drive, the World Devourer then alternates the whirlwinds of a rapid rage with the rolling waves of viscous darkness. Concluding with a thoughtful whining of a guitar solo with unhurried vocal phrases, the Like Rats - Death Monolith album is transformed by the harsh significance of the Ashen Rain mid-tempo anthem marching in thoughtful solemnity, then pulsating with rhythmic drumming, then turning into a furious musical thriller. A swarm of buzzing demons on the guitar solo of the instrumental part precedes the final chorus.
Getting connected in a viscous haze of guitar solo intro Foul Wind walks in this viscous painful musical atmosphere, sharply inflating the tempo with a guitar solo of the instrumental part. A round dance of guitar riffs of the introduction of the Death Monolith title track then carries away into the dance of musical passages in circular curls around the vocal phrases.
Forcing the waves of furious drive The Omega Equation marches along the twilight line between the furious action movie and the harsh mid-tempo march, dragging vocal rabies into the gloomy expanses of unclear conjectures. Slowly, meaningfully and confidently, the musical passages of the introduction unwind the flywheel of the Crimson Cosmos composition, accelerating its pace with the introduction and hardening the sound with vocal fury.
Curling the mysterious intrigue with the introduction Contagion guitar riff with the introduction of the vocals, it straightens out like a compressed spring in a frantic drive race, weaving the musical fury with the musings of instrumental bridges. The Land Of Gloom concludes the album, alternating the stiff reverie laid down in the introduction and returning to the chorus with the fury of the march of unrestrained verses.