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In the traditions of every clan and tribe there are some kind of dolls

December 08, 2019
 Motanka - Motanka

A bewitching instrumental sacrament Alatyr opens the gates of the Motanka - Motanka album by intriguing instrumental saga. Then Fire Burns pulsating with rhythmic cries and background tunes complements the musical essence of the release with inspired vocals of vocals, then a rebellious indestructible whirlwind of emotional greatness. Soft and bewitching notes of chime of guitar strings are wrapped in soft and melodic romance, complementing Air with ethnic shades.
The lyric romance of the Des' U Horakh song transforms the lyrics into Ukrainian-language tunes, enveloping brooding vocal tunes, varying their lofty feelings with a bewitching melodic mystery, becoming more severe for the finale, but preserving the mood of a bewitching ballad. Keeping the charm of folk tunes, Oy Ty Moya Zemle continues the Ukrainian-language tunes, alternating mesmerizing tunes of ethnic tales and explosions of a fun and exciting drive. Charming romantic vocal tunes come to the forefront of the Bosymy Nizhkamy musical image, then combining in a single stream of musical celebration with musical passages. The wordless chorales of the comrades culminate in a shaft of a stern, powerful leisurely drive, then the rhythm of the Voroh composition whirls in the dance of progressive breaks, returning to drive explosions in bridges and choruses. Female vocals sometimes complement the musical image with their enchanting tunes. The chime of the strings of Berehynya on inspiring folk instrument is the introduction of the Horizon song, a pulsating intriguing march, complemented by the chime of the strings of the same instrument. In this composition, which raises the banners of an impressive majestic anthem and in the next Pace Of The Space, the musical lyrics return to English texts. Muffled romantic tunes combine with romantic musical passages in a bewitching and inspiring waltz.
A thoughtful string chime intrigues the Khreshchennya intro, then the music weaves the bewitching laces of progressive moves, but then the vocals explode with emotional sparks, dispelling musical reverie. Starting with a bewitching romance, What Are You Living For? then weaves together the threads and streams of various musical styles, enveloping the covers of a multi-valued musical essence and complementing the inspiring romance with furious vocal cries. But romantic inspiration returns with bewitching musical mysteries, invoking obscure ancestral spirits in bridges, lifting the vocal part to the top of the musical lace in the Verba chorus. Kroda concludes the album with an obscure mystery, intriguing echoes of ancient traditions.