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In the premonition of future disasters

April 30, 2021
In Tormentata Quiete - Krononota

Musical reflections begin the Urlo Del Tempo musical procession with a sound of meaningful solemnity, beginning the musical narrative of the In Tormentata Quiete - Krononota album with the banners of an artistic musical anthem.
An enigmatic symphony of musical mystery creates an intriguing lace of sound on the Sapor Umbro track, beginning with a harsh screaming vocals frenzy, then bringing the troubled charm of the female vocals into the musical image.
The keyboard solo intro sets the tone for the Color Daunia leitmotif, which begins with dreamy tunes of male and female vocals.
After a reflective introduction, the Lo Sguardo D'anteo track returns to artistic musings, complementing the album's sound with echoes of jazz and lounge, introduced by an artistic saxophone solo.
Developing memories of the 1930s, the Abbraccio D'Emilia song enters with reflections of lounge, but then the unity of male and female vocals bring twilight covers to the sound.
The romantic guitar acoustic begins the Odor Mediterraneo track with a romantic ballad, foreshadowing the further development with a more insistent sensual march, topped off with sensual tones of female vocals and creaky screeching. The Kronometro male vocals monologue will conclude the album with a romantic reflection.