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In the night everything is equal

October 15, 2020
Yatra - Blood Of The Night

The viscous, the Sorcerer obstinate music creates anxiety, complemented by a harsh vocal growling, bordering on screaming. But in the chorus, the vocals explode with fury, continuing with sublime grandeur into the sound of the next composition, The Carrion rolls over with the continuation of viscous musical motives, complementing their sound with an epic fairy tale, combining vocal severity and the rhythmic procession of vocal phrases together. The Howling is Continuing the harsh rhythm of the Yatra - Blood Of The Night abum, it accentuates the circular rolls of the musical march into its sound.
The mystical bewilderment of the After The Ravens introduction appeals to the rhythmic procession of the main motive. The Blood Will Flow track develops musical motifs in a whirlwind of restrained drive, but continues the musical narration in a viscous bewilderment. Severely, painfully and distortedly preparing the development of the main motive the Burning Vision then combines it with vocal severity in a single musical stream.
The Three Moons heavily and gloomy musical narrative of the song wraps around the vocal phrases, bringing a funeral final fracture to the Surrender final composition of the album.