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In the hourglass sand grains carries the moments of our time

August 07, 2017
Scardust - Sands of Time

The symphonic, epic Sands of Time: Overture saga serves as an introduction to the Scardust - Sands of Time album, enveloping in the abyss with deep orchestral passages, drawing the mind into the depths of imaginary knowledge. Only close to the end chorals performs their chanting to finalize of the composition.
Beginning with the development of the symphonic, the sound of Sands of Time: Eyes of Agony is transformed by vivid, emotional vocal spores, at the end sensual violin parts provoking a violent, demonic outburst of screaming and growling that the outraged lady stops.
In the sound of Sands of Time: Dials the vocal passages come to the fore, extolled by the chants of henchmen and flock. From such a foundation, the singing lady raises a sweet and gentle melody, appealing to the feeling of beauty, demanding to open her souls and hearts to a bright wave of inspiration. But after this beautiful chorus there is a wave of indignation, awakening in the vocals a demonic tint, which, however, later fades away.
The lyric melody Sands of Time: Hourglass recreates dreams and aspirations, enveloping charming dreams with unforgettable dreams, which are supplemented by a singing lady, invoking complex, deliberate and vivid improvisations, bright musical ideas recreating a grandiose symphony that carries everything around in the sparks of its charm.
The (two times) title track Sands of Time: Sands of Time continues the stylistics of the previous composition, bringing to the fore the thoughtful sad but encouraging violin passages and the wonderful singing of the singing lady, which is surrounded by a choir of comrades in this bright ballad.
Calmly and gently dancing, the music accompanies the muffled whisper of the singing lady. But then Arrowhead turns into a bright and driving composition, which brings to the album a share of the power metal sound.
The Out of Strong Came Sweetnes sound replaces the festival of joyful dances with so deep, thoughtful discussion of vocals, intermingling the growling and a clean, deep and reserved male with the bright phrases of the singing lady. Sparkles Queen of Insanity in her thoughtful and wise music dance, deeply awares of the impossibility of resisting their influence - the symphonic and melodic passages complement vocals with their phrases After the pulsating introduction, Blades becomes a wise discussion of female and male vocals, which introduces in this calm and unhurried ballad a touch of calm, a bit of lounge sound. Gift Divine completes the album in a calm, low-key manner, bringing to the forefront the female vocals, smoothing out all the spikes of all sorts of adversities.