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In the future, biblical commandments will be embodied in gadgets

October 09, 2019
A Giant Dog - Neon Bible

The rattle ends with a dancing flow of easy drive, female vocals dominate, but male vocals summarize the fragments, repeating the song title Black Mirror again and again, intertwining in a single lace of these repeats in the chorus. Keep the Car Running continues the wave of drive, giving vocal phrases notes of unclear doubts and emotional experiences.
The title track of the A Giant Dog - Neon Bible album weaves a bewitching mysterious lace, eliminating the rhythmic pulsations that returns to the sound of Intervention song, enveloping vocal reflections with the symphonic charm of the spiritualistic anthem.
Dancing in a bewitching dance, musical passages braids the Black Wave / Bad Vibrations vocal part with sparkling ribbons. Male vocals bring romantic thoughts to the forefront of the Ocean of Noise musical image, then weaving in a mesmerizing duet with female vocals, the music pulsates with memories of adventures in the wild west.
After a mysterious epic The Well and the Lighthouse flies away in a rampant stream of rapid drive. (Antichrist Television Blues) continues these impetuous and uncontrolled jerks, pumping up even more acceleration of tempo, vocals appeals to musical passages in a furious swiftness.
Bringing the freedom-loving inspiration of the vocal narrative to the top of the Windowsill musical composition, the music marches with the heartbeat of a majestic anthem, complementing the sound with the bewitching symphony of keyboard and violin passages. Developing the majestic appeals of bewitching symphonism, No Cars Go creates a romantic atmosphere, enveloping the mesmerizing tasinst of entry. However, the vocal pert transforms the composition into a mid-tempo song. My Body Is a Cage completes the album, emphasizing the title again and again.