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In suffering distinguishable shades of darkness and darkness

September 28, 2019
Lordis - In Between Misery & Apathy

Rain and bad weather create a painful gloomy atmosphere, Dead Drop vocals enters as an angry and irritated recitative, braiding the mysterious electronic sparks of musical passages. Then the main part of the musical passages complements the introduction of Lordis - In Between Misery & Apathy album with an at-the-dusk twilight of darkness. Bad Seed continues the style of the previous composition, pumping even more gloomy and viscous waves of impenetrable gloom, weaving a bewitching unity of emotional phrases of extreme vocals and musical twilight.
Weaving a mesmerizing web of epic narrative, Dreameater shrouds with the twilight trends of dark tales, raising the banners of the dark anthem. Then Empress (Your Love) continues the procession of this epic twilight, complementing the vocal part of the indignant harsh with phrases of deep and gloomy growling.
Shrouding in mysterious covers of gloomy dusk Deadbeat King (ft. Alex Stankewitz of Loser) track pumps the waves of restrained drive, transforming the vocal part from recitative to rhythmic appeals. But the final part completes the composition, weaving a bewitching lace of clean vocals and harsh, wrapped and crowned with the grandeur of a dark anthem, anticipating the pulsating march of the S//OS (Six of Swords) song's intro, returning to the medium-tempo narration of a rhythmic pulsating march. The dominant vocal part harsh is sometimes complemented by background growling phrases.
Then growling comes to the Consume Me By Night forefront, intertwining and alternating with a harsh in a vocal part intertwined with progressively broken musical variations. Driving waves of dark grandeur, Hope or Death envelops in the epic darkness of ancient tales, slowly and confidently marching in a procession of black knights. The Dance of Black & White vocals enters into an emotional plea for higher powers, then retreating before the demonic growling and ending the album by alternating vocal phrases in a medium-tempo musical narration.