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In search of origin and truth

July 02, 2022
 I Am the Trireme - Magnum Opus

The symphonic intro of the Servitude, Subjugate composition opens the music book of the I Am the Trireme - Magnum Opus album, further combining the majestic. melodic, vocal inspiration and energetic drive. The Ouroboros song continues this musical style somewhat accelerating the tempo and pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, alternating between screaming and growling in vocals lyrics. The instrumental part fascinates with the influence of jazz and the bright solo of the saxophone.
After preparing for the introduction, the Prima Materia mid-tempo march confidently marches, crowning its rhythmic step with vocal phrases, the Elixir Of Immortality solemn anthem marches with a majestic musical procession.
Solo piano carefully and thoughtfully prepares the listener for the perception of the Exculpate, Exonerate musical fairy tale. The bright and impressive drive of the Demiurgos (Architect Of Disaster) composition is progressively combined in musical lace with symphonic suites and exciting musical performances.
The sound of the Planes Of Our Existence song fascinates with mesmerizing musical transformations on an artistic symphonic background. The Seven Wandering Stars composition in the introduction sets the main motif with a bright jazz improvisation. The vocal part diversifies the sound with the addition of clean vocals. The Chrysopoeia track completes the album in its own style.