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In search of an enchanting dream

August 24, 2023
Still Alive (BRA) (ex-

The vocals successfully and confidently begin the story of the Forgiven Secrets song, embarking on the path of the Still Alive (BRA) (ex-"Ruthless Cry") - Kyo album, continuing with a bright guitar solo and vocal exaltation, continuing with a bright whirlwind of the Unchained Souls musical fairy tale, weaving a charming lace around the vocal story and weaving a charming Human musical canvas, crowned with vocals inspiration.
The To Live Forever acoustic ballad uprises the vocals lyrics to the top of the musical image, continuing the romantic sound in the Lady In Black composition, after the intro, rising like a whirlwind of militant drive, continuing a similar mood in the sound of the Into The Snakepit song, supplementing it with shades of oriental motifs.
The The Journey Of The Lonely Seeker (instrumental) acoustic guitar solo serves as a charming romantic introduction to the final part of the album, continuing with the Dream Hunter vocal nervousness and the Embraced bard ballad, giving way to the Daybreak And Storm (The Master Of Life) militant musical thriller.