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In purgatory scam unacceptable!

October 09, 2017
Masquerade (SWI) - Soul Deception

Bright and effective composition On Millions of Tongues begins the Masquerade - Soul Deception album, adding a very diverse variety of impressive accompaniment vocal shades, alternating screaming, growling parties of it.
Powerfully, severely, confidently Red Feather rolls out the tablecloth of the musical image, in the verse, vividly and impressively playing around on all sides the main motive. Then, in the chorus, choir of clean vocals adepts joins the vocal party.
Pulsing like the heartbeat of a gigantic organism, the Nocturnal rolls the gloomy rhythm of the drive wave one after another, then in a rapid snatch reaching the bridge, thickening the twilight haze before the chorus, in which the vocals change the style from the growling to clean harsh. Then the composition acquires a certain lyricism and mystical shapes, indicating that halloween will be again.
The broken, choppy complex rhythms bring the influence of progressive music, elusive changes in the motive and pace over and over again puzzle Masquerade of Society riddle. Then the rhythm makes single track, supporting clean vocal with an ingenuous stream of musical thought, becoming a powerful and spectacular drive, combined with a growling and distorted vocals.
Sharply beginning in intro, then Petrified Thoughts after a rapid rush completes the musical parts enveloping them with a whirlwind of guitar riffs, sparkling with ragged thoughts.