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In grief we trust

February 09, 2020
Сивый Яр - Горе / Grief

The mysterious calls of the twilight symphony Великая Древняя Мать weaves the unclear lace of the musical extravaganza, pumping up waves and whirlwinds of musical motifs, acting as an instrumental introduction of the next composition Пустошь, complementing the melodic sacrament of the Сивый Яр - Горе / Grief album with vocal phrases. Musical motifs continue the previous composition, complementing the sound of the rhythmic structure with a more variable pattern and introducing sparkling inspiration with guitar solos in instrumental bridges.
The title track Горе transforms the sound of a musical entity with the power and drive of an introduction, preserving the nuances of sadness and grief, but pumping waves of power and drive irresistible despair. The vocal part complements the sound of the composition with emotions and violent annoyance.
To further aggravate the fast-paced race of musical passages Черная Осень rushes into flight on the wings of a black bird of unbridled rage, however, the introduction of vocals precedes the bewitching melody of a gloomy symphony. In the instrumental middle of the composition, an extravaganza of romantic ballad ascends, inspiring and enchanting with bewitching melody. Then this melodism supplements the musical power and emotions of vocal phrases, preserving the rhythmic structure of a leisurely saddened symphony.
The final composition of the album Глубина rolls the epic canvas of musical sadness, crowning unhurried musical passages with vocal reflections in a thoughtful wise sadness.