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Impressions of endless wanderings and nomads

June 14, 2021
Islands (CAN) - Islomania

The title composition begins the Islands (CAN) - Islomania album with leisurely meditation and inspirational unity of musical inspiration and vocal thoughtfulness. Then the (We Like To Do It) With The Lights On song introduces the atmosphere of spicy extensions of distant wanderings and intriguing impressions from future adventures.
An even more playful inspiration is manifested in the sound of the Carpenter track. The vocal party raises the tonality in the desire to swell. Music of the Closed Captioning song brings the vocal party to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocals reflections of the atmosphere of a light lounge.
The vocals are walled in the Set The Fairlight waltz with musical passages with the influence of folklore motifs. A Passionate Age song envelops with the thoughtfulness of a romantic atmosphere, complementing the sound of symphonic lace of an artistic delight with the dominance of keyboards passages in a musical image.
Rhythmicly dancing, the Natural Law Party composition is uprising vocals passages on the crests of musical waves. The Never Let You Down song continues such a style of rhythmic seeping, a variety of vocal part. The intriguing mysteriousness of the accession anticorates the transformation of the musical sound with the entry of the vocal of the Marble leisurely ballad. The Gore track completes the album sparkling chime to the guitar passages in a combination of vocal inspiration.