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Immortality have to be based on something

June 10, 2018
Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality

Pulsating with musical notes like a giant monster creeping around as an eerie fog Ripperology precedes the introduction of the vocals by a stiff instrumental bridge. Vocal doubts in slow thinking, changing its game with the coming of the next wave of drive, culminating in a spectacular guitar solo before the chorus. The composition begins the Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality album with a kind of dark epic, which develops peculiarly in subsequent songs. Shades and darkness are embodied in an incredibly dense wave of drive, carried by a dark stream to the Seismic Abyss rhythmic march, densely and rhythmically driving piles of vocal phrases, anticipating the impetuous impulse of unrestrained drive. The heavy mid-tempo march persistently presses into the Catastrophic Retribution intro, tightly promoting the dark premonitions, pumping the pace before the introduction of the vocal, picking up the vocal phrases by an incredibly dense rhythmic impetuous drive of the verses, returning to the motives and rhythm of the introduction in the chorus and instrumental part.
Keeping the gloomy atmosphere, the title track's music hovers around the main motive with terrible ghosts, vaguely threatening and disturbing vortexes of obscure shadows and mysterious bursts of dark spells, from time to time carried away by waves of terrible fury in rapid impulses of mad rage of the Devouring Mortality choreses.
Covered with dense and dark armor, the melodic tale of a guitar solo indicates sparkling precious knowledge, ending with a dark wave of eerie premonitions and severe vocal cautions. But in the instrumental bridges before the Torture Labyrinth chorus the music is transformed by a grim artistry, returning after the chorus to the bright artistry of the darkened guitar solo.
Ornate swirls in a gloomy fog capture thoughts with vague streams of unrestrained drive Grotesque Creation, twisting mysterious melodies in so irresistible dance. Interrupting these turns with a thoughtful march of Parasitic Horrors intro somewhat transforms these vortices into a dense and gloomy march, but the impetuous motives again try to subordinate everything to their control. However, the march resists - completing its efforts with a swift and sharp stream of musical rabies.
But the harsh and dense sound comes to the forefront of the musical image, stubbornly and significantly hammering Mortal Decimation vocal phrases, sometimes rushing through the nervous streams of rapid nervous reflections that precede the unrestrained guitar extravaganza of the instrumental part.
The majestic guitar solo Lifeless Manifestation proudly and significantly fascinates, but this instrumental composition ends with the muted voices of distant victims, breaking with a dense wave of Reanimating Pathogen artistic drive, combined with mysterious vocal phrases, playfully and seductively exhorting unattainable joys. But these incredible promises carry into the abyss of impenetrable darkness, enveloping in dark and sinister illusory illusions, hovering around as the obscure shadows.
The final album's tracks envelops the thoughts with gloomy waves of drive, first sweeping the Internal Detestation dark covers, harboring cautious vocal phrases with an impenetrable eerie haze, then remembering the unforgettable legends of this musical style Hung, Drawn And Quartered (Cancer Cover), preserving the eerie and frightening atmosphere of the album.